What is SeedRocket?

SeedRocket is an innovative private initiative for entrepreneurs with technology-based projects. We provide training, financing and a network of contacts to boost the development of their startups, as well as a common work space in the accelerator of startups in Barcelona and in Madrid.

An innovative concept of success adapted to Spain

SeedRocket follows a proven model that works in the United States ( Y Combinator , Techstars ) and United Kingdom ( SeedCamp ) and that we have successfully implemented in Spain.

  • The entrepreneurs work together in one location: SeedRocket has facilities in Barcelona Activa over two hundred square meters in the Catalan capital and a plant in Campus Madrid (space Google). In this way, it is possible to take advantage of the synergies , the transfer of know-how and the experience and contacts of the entrepreneurs, with the aim of accelerating the development of business projects to the maximum.
  • The differential value of SeedRocket lies in the involvement of Business Angels and reference professionals in the sector. It is a network of experienced mentors who get involved with young entrepreneurs in a proactive and coordinated way, contributing their time, dedication and knowledge. In addition, SeedRocket is also made up of a network of investors who are committed to new technology projects, innovative and with high growth potential.
  • By providing direct support to entrepreneurs, an entrepreneurial ecosystem has been created that facilitates the creation of innovative companies that generate wealth and employment.

It should be noted that in SeedRocket we do not have equity in exchange for the services provided , only the investors that invest.

The SeedRocket Angels Association

At the forefront of this project is a non-profit association composed of a group of entrepreneurs, renowned professionals in the sector in Spain, who share the common goal of promoting the use of new technologies and, in this sense, contribute their time, dedication and knowledge.

In addition, SeedRocket Angels is one of the Private Investor Networks ( XIP ) of ACC1Ó.


Our Address:

alle Llacuna 162-164, 08018 Barcelona


41.406285, 2.1927889