The Innovation Labs experience:

A 3-month mentored journey off the beaten path

Choose your track, bid your idea, experience the Hackathon, get noticed, meet mentors, find partners, and push harder. Develop, grow, fine-tune, finance and expand your idea into a convincing MVP. It’s Demo Day: Pitch your final prototype in an electrifying event!

  • 6 years OF ACTIVITY
  • over 240 SUPPORTED TEAMS
  • over 150 MENTORS
  • 5 cities


Innovation Labs invites young professionals to explore the potential of bleeding-edge technologies to solve real problems, for real people – by developing a Minimum Viable Product.


Program partners open for participants an arena for experimenting with dedicated IT&C solutions and infrastructures of the future. Explore and catch their interest with your insight and potential!

Media exposure

We guide teams in improving their graphic design, presentation skills and media footprint, shaping their media profile with distinctiveness and outreach.


Top mentors from the startup ecosystem and ICT industry keep open lines of dialogue and feedback throughout the program and beyond, helping teams to align disruptive technologies with well-specified needs.


Find your track for a game-changing solution

Pick one of the 7 tracks to align your idea with savvy mentors, bleeding edge technologies, and current industry & business opportunities


Take up the challenge of making agriculture more attractive for young professionals and entrepreneurs, more efficient for farmers, more profitable in a changing economy, more sustainable and ecological.


Create solutions for a safer digital world, empowering users to explore in confidence the previously uncharted and push the boundaries of knowledge and experience, in full awareness of risks and defense measures.


From end user application for personal finance management, to machine learning driven decision support system for financial decision.

Health & Lifestyle

Help people take full advantage of current technologies to increase self-knowledge, hack their daily routines and take control over their lifestyles.


Revolutionize retail by merging mobile applications, IoT sensors and devices, cloud service and powerful data analytics tools for novel customer-business interaction.


Smart City

Boost urban experiences and shape inspiriting environments through rich information flows and secure feedback loops, synchronizing rhythms of daily life, business and travel into a city-wide performance.


Smart Mobility

Create innovative technologies or digital services that will improve the mobility of people or goods, making it more safe, efficient, intelligent or affordable.


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