FundingBox is a community where entrepreneurs can meet, interact and collaborate to win public funding.

FundingBox provides “scale ups” (startups and tech SMEs) with simple and personalised access to both public funding and interactive tech communities.

Awarding bodies use FundingBox to distribute their funding and build communities that can grow and become integral parts of their ecosystems.

FundingBox is the public funding community for innovative startups and SMEs.

FundingBox is the place where startups and SMEs they can find all the funding opportunities specifically for them that will be offered by H2020 projects, at least 800 Million euros till 2020.

We help to bridge the gap between the technology funding opportunities from the EC and the SMEs & startups that invest in those technologies to grow their businesses.

FundingBox offers tools & solutions for Accelerators and EU projects to manage Communities of Startups & SMEs attracted by Open Calls for Funding.

Moreover, FundingBox, itself, has been the platform selected by several FIWARE Accelerators funded by the European Commission, to directly manage their Open Calls. Concretely, we are participating in 3 ongoing projects, through which we have already distributed 12M€ for startups and web entrepreneurs through different calls for proposals.

We are ourselves a startup founded in 2012 by a passionate team with more than 20 years experience in winning public funding.

FundingBox is inspired by the Open Funding concept. We were awarded by the European Commision through the Crowdsourcing contest managed by OpenIdeo for the best web-entrepreneurship initiative.

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FundingBox has become an expert on cascade funding (funding distributed through consortia for third parties) through:

  • #1 Open Call management. We have a content management module in our Funding Box platform in which we have all the business intelligence to organize the process and do a proper follow up of the funding use. Our expertise includes: on-line solutions for Open Call management, business intelligence services to design financial instruments, open call procedures, on-line marketing and real-time dashboard services.
  • #2 Community management. We provide tools and solutions for Accelerators and EU projects to manage Communities of Startups & SMEs attracted by Open Calls for Funding. We help the owners of the Open Call to transform the dealflow in a community in itself.
  • #3 Deal flow providers. We have attracted 6.000+ profiles of SMEs and web entrepreneurs to our platform since our launch in September 2014, becoming the perfect partner to provide quality deals/proposals ready for investors/grantor bodies
  • #4 Go to the market. We not only support in the application phase, we have also partnerships with world-class accelerators that provide wide experience in LEAN Startup services for high growth companies, 250 growth companies(Start-ups and SMEs) supported, 401 jobs created and up to €72 Million in total funding and investment. Through these partnerships, we not only help startups get the funding, we also help them to reach the market once the technological part has been developed
  • #5 Connections with private capital. FundingBox, thanks to his extensive network of more than 1,600 clients and collaborators, can provide the link to Corporates -willing to support startups programs- and also to Regions managing ESIF to support startups in the Baltics and South and Easter Europe as we have presence in 3 hubs covering all of Europe (Nordics and West Europe out of Copenhague, Central and Eastern Europe out Warsaw and South Europe out of Madrid).


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