ARIS is an idea stage accelerator based in Cyprus, created with the sole purpose of offering aspiring entrepreneurs with structure, mentorship and the network needed to start a new venture. Our aim is to attract projects that can become viable startups. These startups can afterwards choose to either enter into an accelerator for further support, or to bootstrap their way, hopefully to startup success.

The programme targets talented individuals that are motivated, open to honest and critical feedback, and ready to perform the hard work needed to build an enduring company. ARIS hosts projects which are still at their very early stage, therefore, it’s perfectly ok if your idea is not perfect yet! The programme has been specifically designed to enable YOU to brainstorm, refine your idea, select your focus, build your business case and work on the technical implementation of your product or service, ending your residency with a minimum viable product.

ARIS offers:
1. Support from concept to MVP: Providing direct support to residents for the duration of your residency.
2. Matching events: Connecting you with established businesses that seek specialised solutions.
3. Shared working space: A fully furnished office space, hot desk and conference rooms
4. Networking opportunities: Develop connections, mingle with like-minded people, build a network.
5. Mentorship: Providing guidance with product and customer validation, marketing, product development, & pitching.
6. Pitching: ARIS residents have the opportunity to develop their pitching skills throughout their residency, and receive feedback.
7. Connecting with investors: ARIS prepares the residents and introduces them to potential investors for their startup.

The minimum duration is 8 weeks and the maximum is 26 weeks. Irrespective of the duration however, the progress, responsibilities and deliverables will remain the same for each resident. The duration of the residency will be discussed individually with each applicant (either individual or team).


Our Address:

1 Ayias Zonis & Thessalonikis


34.6808834, 33.04341629999999